Transform Your Business with Conversational AI

Senseforth enables businesses to harness the power of Conversational AI to unlock new growth opportunities and optimize existing processes

Transforming Banking
with HDFC Bank Eva

Senseforth redefines customer experience with Conversational Banking with over 15 million queries so far. Eva generates leads, enables product comparison, discovery, and advisory


AI Travel Assistant
for Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook's travel assistant, TeeCee, built by Senseforth helps travellers find the right travel package and offers assistance with forex services as well as visa applications


Senseforth Powers
Nestle's AI Nutritionist

Young Mothers trust Nina to build diet plans for their kids and discover amazing food hacks, for a healthy young generation


SBI Card Revolutionizes
Customer Engagement

Ila, an interactive live assistant built by Senseforth becomes SBI Card's new channel of engagement and business growth. It generates revenue while fulfilling all transactions available on web and mobile

Boost your business with AI
Acquire Customers
Our bots generate leads and even signup customers through personalized interactions
Engage Customers
Enage your customers through massively scalable, one-on-one conversations
Support Customers
Resolve customer issues contextually and instantaneously across various channels
Conversational AI Solutions
Customer Acquisition
Customer Success
Tech Support
Employee Engagement
Knowledge Management
Analytics & Insights
AI-powered chatbots can help your business generate leads, up-sell or cross-sell, based on historic data and predictive models, pertaining your customer browsing and spending patterns.
Customer Acquisition bot snapshot
AI-powered chatbots can help your business generate leads, up-sell or cross-sell, based on historic data and predictive models, pertaining your customer browsing and spending patterns.
Customer Success bot snapshot
Increase customer lifetime value by boosting engagement across all touchpoints. Conversational AI helps to predict various steps in a customer's journey to ensure their satisfaction.
Tech Support bot snapshot
AI-powered chatbots can not only resolve redundant user queries but also help boost agent's productivity. The solution can be integrated with database to help fetch answers faster.
Employee Engagement bot snapshot
Drive employee engagement and provide instant access to relevant information about your organization. Boost your team's productivity and enable them to focus on key business objectives.
Knowledge Management bot snapshot
Senseforth's proprietary platform provides a neural net that supports deep learning. This makes the process of accessing information faster and more reliable compared to traditional methods.
Analytics & Insights bot snapshot
Derive actionable insights from existing data via a conversational interface. Our solutions can be integrated across various tools to fetch the precise information instantly.
Enterprise Scale
Queries per
Unique users
per month
Awards received
in 3 Years
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Why Brands Trust Senseforth
Industry AI Models
Pre-built and field-tested industry AI models make the chatbots highly accurate right out-of-the-box
Build once and deploy anywhere. Connect with users wherever they are via text or voice-based channels
Full-Stack Solution
We help build and deploy your chatbots; support your team and host solutions on a platform of your choice
Automated Conversations
Contextual, human-like conversations made possible without any human intervention along the user journey
Continuous Learning
Machine learning algorithms to continuously train chatbots so they become smarter and accurate with time
Dashboard & Analytics
Analytics modules to track conversations, customer profiles, agent efficiency, response quality and more
Build Once.
Deploy Anywhere.
Our Conversational AI solutions offer a truely integrated omnichannel experience that is second to none. Once built, the solution can be made available across all user touchpoints and hosted on a platform of your choice
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