Smart Search
On-Site Search Just Got Smarter, and Faster
Shorten the buyer journey, and help visitors find relevant information up to 80% faster
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What is AI-powered Smart Search?
Smart Search is a new, and smarter way to help visitors find information on your website. Smart Search predicts user intent, and determines the context to deliver highly relevant results, via a malleable interface.
Adaptable Interface
Mould the interface to show videos, images, and other rich media
Guided User Journeys
Improve conversion rates with actionable text, and quicklinks
Chatbot Integration
Enhance user experience by seamlessly integrating a chatbot
Contextual Results
Show accurate, and contextual search results based on user intent
Predictive Search
Minimize user effort, and decrease on-site search time
Smart Search v/s Traditional Search
Smart SearchTraditional Search
TechnologyNLP/ML BasedKeyword Matching
Contextual Resultsyesno
Semantic Searchyesno
Predictive Searchyesno
Built-in Quick Links/CTAsyesno
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Why should you embrace Smart Search?
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Reduce search time by up to 80%
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Display highly relevant results
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Maximize conversions with CTAs
Don't make your customers do all the hard work...
Switch to Smart Search.