Transforming Real Estate with Generative Conversational AI Chatbot

Shortening the sales cycle and boosting bottom-line revenue growth continue to be the major challenges for real estate companies. Generative Conversational AI real estate chatbots help achieve this by automating routine tasks.

Thin profit margins & diminishing bottom-line revenue growth are the major areas of concern for leading real estate companies.
Improving Property- Buying Experience
Companies can automate various stages of the customer journey using Generative Conversational AI bots
From finding properties that cater to customer needs to helping prospects schedule a site visit, real estate chatbots can automate various aspects of the customer support process. Virtual assistants can also personalize the user experience by pushing promotional offers and providing loan-related advice.
Find Properties
Find Properties
Find Properties
Property Advisor
Schedule Site Visit
Agent Contact Details
Promotional Offers
Loan Advisory
Construction Update
Why Should the Real Estate Industry Embrace Generative Conversational AI?
Qualify Buyer Needs
Bots can be tuned to understand a buyer’s exact needs and share relevant information instantaneously
Search MLS Listings
Digital assistants can scan the entire MLS and fetch relevant properties based on user preferences
Virtual Property Agent
Similar to property agents, bots can provide valuable advice to buyers, with zero time-delay