Turn visitors into customers
Reduce customer acquisition costs and drive sales with AI chatbots on Google Business Messages
Increase in visitor to
lead conversion
Reduction in customer
acquisition costs
Drop in inbound
call volume
Why Google Business Messages?
92% of the worldwide search traffic uses Google as the first touchpoint in the buying journey. Google Business Messages enables you to engage with prospective customers at the very start of this journey, using rich media like carousels, images and more.
Google Business Messages, powered by Senseforth.ai
Senseforth hybrid chat platform enables you to leverage the combined power of human and AI to deliver a flawless customer experience. With Google Business Messages, you can now provide on-demand support, share product recommendations, schedule appointments, make reservations, up-sell, cross-sell and do a lot more.
Google business messages
Expand your reach and connect with new customers
Google Business Messages helps eliminate friction and give buyers a channel to connect with you.
Increase sales by creating digital customer experiences
With AI chatbots for GBM, you can now sell directly to your customers without any human involvement.
Engage your customers right from Google
Search, Maps and brand-owned channels