Transforming Education with Conversational AI

AI-powered and NLP-based chatbots can not only be utilized as a self-help tool by educational institutions but also to revamp the student onboarding experience.

Educational Institutions are using chatbots as a tool for online reputation management and to create a favorable connect between the student community and the institution.
An Incredible Self-help Tool for Students
Making critical information easily accessible for students and those seeking admissions
Information on websites is often scattered across scores of pages. An NLP-based chatbot can fetch information quickly, saving both time and effort. Furthermore, it can be integrated with various databases to check the availability of books in the library as well as send timely alerts about examinations and results.
Program Information
Program Information
Program Information
Book Availability
Placement-related Details
Examination Schedule
Access Exam Results
Scholarships and Financial Aid
General Inquiries
General Inquiries
Student Onboarding & Orientation
Event-related Updates
Alumni Relations
Application Submission
General Inquiries
Boosting On-campus Student Engagement
Digital assistants can drive student engagement and create a seamless student experience
Chatbots or virtual assistants can increase the efficiency of staff while creating a seamless student experience at the same time. Labor-intensive tasks such as student onboarding can be largely automated using bots. Besides, it allows event committees reach out to more students on-campus.
Why Should the Education Industry Embrace Conversational AI?
Drive Admissions
Provide critical information to help students make an informed decision
Online Reputation Management
Bridging the gap between the student community and institutions
Improving Student Experience
Automate student onboarding to improve process efficiency