Engage with your customers on WhatsApp
Provide support, send real-time alerts, or sell directly with WhatsApp chatbots.
WhatsApp Business, powered by Senseforth Hybrid Chat platform
Senseforth's WhatsApp Business solution enables organizations to keep a tab on every aspect of their WhatsApp business channel from a unified platform.
A partner you can
count on
A partner you can count on
Senseforth.ai is an approved ISV/technical integrator, with proven expertise in building complex AI-powered WhatsApp chatbots for various industries and use cases.
Get started in
a jiffy
Get started in a jiffy
With pre-trained AI models for over 10 industries, and a host of pre-built connectors, you can get started in just a few days, without compromising on quality or accuracy.
Seamless chatbot-human
Seamless chatbot-human handoff
Powered by Senseforth’s hybrid chat platform, WhatsApp bots can automatically handoff conversations to human agents whenever required, without losing the context.
Enable auto-routing
based on skills
Enable auto-routing based on skills
Reduce turnaround time by enabling automatic routing of user queries to the right customer service representative, based on identification of topics and skills.
Pre-built knowledge-bot
Pre-built knowledge-bot integration
Built into Senseforth’s hybrid chat platform, this tool helps improve average handling time by allowing your agents to fetch highly relevant information up to 70% faster.
Turn WhatsApp into a money machine with Conversational AI
Get closer to your customers by embracing WhatsApp as a lever for business growth. Increase your sales, improve customer retention, and drive brand loyalty.
Product advisory
Objection handling
Up-sell and cross-sell
After-sales support
Collect feedback/review
Help your buyers during their ‘moments of struggle’. Understand your consumers, and provide smart suggestions to help them find a product or service that fits their needs.
Bridge the gap with AI-powered WhatsApp chatbots
Deliver a hyper-personalised customer experience, while offering features and services that are usually limited to mobile apps and websites.
Speed up customer interaction
Over 85% of messages sent to WhatsApp are seen in under 5 minutes. Faster than every other communication channel available today, WhatsApp can help businesses get ahead of the competition.
Break the communication barrier
According to a survey, 53% buyers say they’re more likely to buy from a company they can message directly. Furthermore, 67% buyers said they frequently use chat to interact with their favorite brands.
Improve your conversion rates
Messaging a prospect after making the initial contact can double your chances of a conversion. WhatsApp bots can not only help businesses acquire new customers but also improve repeat sales.
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