Transforming Travel & Hospitality with Conversational AI

In addition to assisting travellers with hotel and flight bookings, AI-powered chatbots can be programmed to help travellers during their trip.

“5 percent increase in customer retention can lead to an increase in profits of between 25 and 95 percent” - Bain & Company
Simplifying the Booking Process with Digital Assistants
Digital assistants can help users book tickets and make hotel reservations with ease
The existing process of booking tickets and making hotel reservations involves multiple steps and in some cases, requires human intervention. Chatbots can help automate this process by providing valuable suggestions and enabling users to complete the process right from the bot interface.
Ticket Booking
Ticket Booking
Ticket Booking
Hotel Room Booking
Taxi Booking
Modify Bookings
Apply for Visa
Exchange Rates
Exchange Rates
Buy and Sell Forex
Reload Forex Card
Exchange Rates
Effortlessly Buy and Sell Foreign Exchange
Routine tasks such as buying and selling forex can be automated using a digital assistant
Bots build by are capable of handling financial transactions. The bot not only provides information on exchange rates but also guides the user to either buy or sell foreign currency from the same interface, without any human intervention.
Travel Assistance and Concierge Services
Chatbots can be used to help travellers plan their itinerary and provide guidance during the trip
Intelligent digital assistants can be tuned to act as a travel agent, suggesting holiday plans and sharing real -time updates. Besides, hotels can employ chatbots to address generic customer queries and in-room service requests thereby improving the customer experience during their stay.
Travel Advisory
Travel Advisory
Travel Advisory
Trending Destinations
Restaurant Reservations
Flight Status Update
In-room Service
Why Should the Travel & Hospitality Industry Embrace Conversational AI?
24/7 Availability
A dealbreaker for the travel and hospitality industry, where customers expect round the clock availability
Bottom-line Growth
The cost-per-chat for a chatbot is about 1/20th the cost-per-chat for a human agent
Unmatched CX
Chatbots can help achieve hyper- personalization, which in turn increases customer retention