Transforming Consumer Support with AI-powered Chatbot

A customer support chatbot can not only improve response times but also boost teamwide productivity. Digital assistants can be deployed on any channel on user interaction to address repetitive technical queries and handle mundane business processes.

Up to 80% of routine customer service questions could be answered by a chatbot.
Handling Complex Business Processes with Ease
Intelligent assistants can share process information, book appointments and even handle bill payments.
A customer support chatbot can undertake processes that require a significant amount of manual effort and time. AI-chatbots, integrated with CRMs using backend connectors, can access user information and execute certain tasks without any intervention of an agent.
Appointment Booking
Appointment Booking
Appointment Booking
Grievance Handling
Process Information
Making a Reservation
Paying a Bill
Virtual Advisor
File Insurance Claim
License Renewal
License Renewal
Password Reset
Tool Tenant Management
Website Access Permission
Debug Information
External Storage Access Permission
Software/Tool Update
License Renewal
Automating Technical Support and Troubleshooting
An IT support chatbot can handle various troubleshooting processes and create a ticket whenever required.
AI-chatbots can handle troubleshooting queries with ease and not only save a user’s time but also ensure companies don’t have to spend millions of dollars on technical help desks. Within an organization, they can make employees more productive as they get access to tools faster.