Transforming Healthcare with AI-powered Chatbot

AI-powered healthcare chatbot solutions are helping bridge the gap between patients, healthcare providers and insurance companies. In addition to enhancing patient experience, it has the potential to transform clinical care.

“According to a study, by 2026, chatbots could help the US healthcare economy save approximately $150 bn annually.”
Redefining Patient Experience across Touchpoints
Automating every step of the patient’s journey from symptom checking to appointment booking to report tracking.
An average patient spends around 30 minutes trying to find the right service at his/ her local healthcare center. Besides, the rate of missed appointments ranges between 10-20% in the United States. A healthcare chatbot can significantly improve the quality of service by automating most routine processes.
Appointment Booking
Appointment Booking
Appointment Booking
Symptom Checker
Schedule Medical Tests
Prescription Renewal
Health Advisory
Download Medical Records
Insurance Coverage
Access Medical Records
Access Medical Records
Track Patient History
Patient Referral
Access Medical Records
Freeing up Medical Practitioners to Focus on Care
There is too much technology between medical practitioners and patients.
Medical practitioners are spending a lot of time finding existing medical records of their patients and tracking their medical history. Patients are often unhappy about the amount of time doctors spend in updating and accessing information using complex software tools. NLP-based healthcare chatbots can help doctors retrieve critical information quickly and without having to fiddle with complex CRM tools..
Boosting Hospital’s Profitability and Efficiency
Patient engagement at Hospitals is largely human-driven, which not only proves to be inefficient at most times but also leaves scope of error.
AI chatbot solutions can significantly reduce human effort, minimize chances of error and help hospitals improve productivity by automating routine processes. In addition, the data collected by hospitals can be fed into their analytics pipeline thereby aiding critical decision making.
Send Personalized Offers
Send Personalized Offers
Send Personalized Offers
Check Medicine Availability
Find Alternate Medicines
Why Should the Healthcare Industry Embrace Conversational AI?
Available. Anywhere
Improves access to healthcare services across all channels of user interaction
Aware and alert
Context-aware chatbots help automate patient engagement
Always at your service
Enables self service and drives better outcomes
A Leap ahead
Makes healthcare organization massively scalable and improve responsiveness