Transforming the Automotive Industry with AI-powered Chatbot

Automotive chatbots can change the way automotive companies engage with buyers during different stages of the customer journey to drive revenue growth and improve brand loyalty.

According to an Autotrader Study, car buyers spend 59% of their time researching online.
A Self-Help Tool for Buyers
Streamlining the customer journey to shorten the sales cycle
Automotive chatbots make it easier for users to find vehicles and compare them in order to make the right choices. Digitizing the initial stages of a customer journey ensures automobile dealers can optimize manpower while shortening the sales cycle at the same time, eventually translating into higher revenue.
Vehicle Discovery
Vehicle Discovery
Vehicle Discovery
Vehicle Advisory
Vehicle Comparison
Book Test Drive
Dealer Locator
Loan Inquiry
Check MOT Validity
Check MOT Validity
MOT Check Reminder
Schedule a Repair
Loyalty Programs
Check MOT Validity
Enabling a Hassle-Free Ownership Experience
Digitizing the ownership experience to enhance customer satisfaction
Automobile manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to engage customers and boost brand loyalty. The quality of after-sales customer service is one of the key challenges that automotive chatbots can help companies to overcome.
Why Should the Automotive Industry Embrace Conversational AI?
Digitizing Customer Journey
Makes information easily accessible to buyers to shorten the sales cycle
Automate Routine Tasks
Tasks like booking a test drive or scheduling a repair wouldn’t need any human intervention
Enhance Customer Experience
Improving pre-sales and after-sales customer experience across all touchpoints