Transforming Manufacturing & Distribution Industry with Conversational AI

Chatbots or digital assistants can not only make it easier for companies to connect with dealers/ vendors but also have a significant impact on overall sales productivity.

62% of Sales Managers say that they found it difficult to fetch critical information while on the move - Survey
A Hassle-free Experience for Dealers and Distributors
Automating key business processes eliminates the friction between key stakeholders
From booking an order to checking the status of an invoice, intelligent assistants can automate key business processes. By employing bots, companies can not only optimize their opex but also ensure the tasks are handled more efficiently.
Order Booking
Order Booking
Order Booking
Shipment Tracking
Complaint Registration
Invoice Status
Promotional Offers
Phone Directory
Incentive Programs
Sales Analytics
Sales Analytics
Activity Planner
Sales Target Tracker
Sales Analytics
Improving the Productivity of Sales Teams
Chatbots make it easier for sales teams to access information
With chatbots at their disposal, sales managers no longer have to struggle with complex ERP tools to access information. A chatbot that is integrated with various platforms can quickly fetch data whenever needed. Above all, it saves a lot of time, given the fact that using a chatbot requires minimal training.
Self-help Tools in Manufacturing Units to Improve Efficiency
Operational Teams can keep a tab on various metrics to ensure optimal efficiency
Bots can play an instrumental role in controlling the environmental conditions in manufacturing units. AI- powered bots can be integrated with existing platforms to provide reports on equipment metrics. They can also help in managing the supply chain better.
Production Calculator
Production Calculator
Production Calculator
Manufacturing Metrics
Check Environmental Conditions
Productivity Tracker
Why Should the Manufacturing and Distribution Industry Embrace Conversational AI?
Enable Seamless Communication
Chatbots bridge the gap between organizations and vendors/ dealers
Boost Sales Productivity
Helps in improving the productivity of sales teams to deliver better results
Improve Manufacturing Efficiency
Allows operational teams to keep a tab on key production metrics