Transforming Retail Experience with Generative Conversational AI

Conversational Commerce is transforming the way people shop today. Advanced Generative Conversational AI solutions make the user experience better thereby improving customer satisfaction.

According to a study, 83% of consumers contact a business over messaging platforms to learn about a product or service, 76% to get support and 75% to make a purchase.
Improving Customer Experience through Digital Retail Merchandising
The entire sales cycle from product discovery to checkout can be handled by a bot.
Use of chatbots in the retail and e-commerce sectors has been linked to higher rates of customer satisfaction and greater lifetime value. As a matter of fact, bots can also be employed to effectively up-sell and cross-sell based on historic customer data and purchase patterns.
Product Availability
Product Availability
Product Availability
Product Inquiry
Product Comparison
Product Advisory
Promotional Offers
Order Tracking
Order Tracking
Tax Invoice Download
Order Modification
Complaint Registration
Warranty Extension
Repair Request & Scheduling
Store Locator
Order Tracking
Providing Seamless Sales and After-Sales Support
Sales-oriented inquiries that are handled by service desk representatives can be addressed by a bot.
Seamless integration with databases make it possible for chatbots to fetch details related to customer orders, warranties and invoices, and more. According to a study conducted by Juniper, for every query that a chatbot handles, enterprises save 4 minutes of an agent’s time translating to a cost saving of $0.70 per query.
Why Should the Retail Industry Embrace Generative Conversational AI?
Frictionless Customer Support
Help customers find the right product from the limitless catalog
Personalised Customer Experience
Understand customer inquiries and make better product suggestions
Drive Revenue Growth
Improve user engagement to reduce chances of cart abandonment