Transforming Insurance with AI-powered Chatbot

An AI-powered insurance chatbot can help improve sales while decreasing cycle times. They not only address user inquiries but also handle more complex processes like claim filing and goal setting.

32% of people find the online process of purchasing an insurance policy very difficult - Max Bupa
Helping Consumers Buy the Right Policy
Intelligent virtual assistants make it easier for users to assess benefits and buy the right policy
A majority of customers find the online process of purchasing an insurance policy cumbersome. Choosing the right policy often requires users to browse through numerous web pages. An insurance chatbots helps in optimizing the digital customer journey by providing relevant information at each step.
Policy Enquiry
Policy Enquiry
Policy Enquiry
Policy Comparison
Buy a Policy
Premium Calculator
Insurance Advisory
Goal Setting
File an Insurance Claim
File an Insurance Claim
Check Claim Status
Document Submission
File an Insurance Claim
Filing an Insurance Claim Made Simpler
Complex processes such as claim filing can be automated using an insurance chatbot
An AI-powered insurance chatbot decreases the number of steps required to file a claim. Details about the form and other documents can be shared via the bot, based on customer needs. In addition to this, policyholders can also check the status of insurance claims without having to call a service representative.
Why Should the Insurance Industry Embrace Conversational AI?
Automate Claim Filing
AI-powered bots can completely automate the process of claim filing
Smart Advisory
Virtual assistants provide critical inputs and help users choose the right policy
Shorten Sales Cycle
Digitizing the customer journey helps in shortening the sales cycle