Transforming Telecom with AI-powered Chatbot

Customer retention is one of the key challenges of major telecom service providers. A telecom chatbot addresses this problem by significantly improving overall customer experience across touchpoints.

The cost of handling complex processes such as customer support, service configuration, order fulfillment, and billing is on the rise, which leads to an increase in financial overhead.
Helping Users Find the Right Plan
Finding the right plan is no longer an uphill task when users have access to the right information
Telecom companies across the globe have a plethora of products and services to offer. Given the complex sitemaps, critical information is either concealed or difficult to access. A telecom chatbot fetches information rather instantly thereby helping users choose a plan that caters to their needs.
Plan Benefits and Features
Plan Benefits and Features
Plan Benefits and Features
Switch Plans
Plan Advisory
Promotional Offers
Refill/Recharge Prepaid
Complaint Registration
Complaint Registration
Bill Payment
Product Inquiry
Activate SIM or Device
Store Locator
Complaint Registration
Creating a Self-help Tool for Customers
Digital assistants can handle basic tasks like SIM activation or bill payments without human intervention
Implementing a telecom chatbot can help telecom companies save millions of dollars each year in customer support costs. In addition, it also improves customer satisfaction rates as they can address user inquiries instantaneously and at any time of the day.
Why Should the Telecom Industry Embrace Conversational AI?
Bot-assisted Troubleshooting
Chatbots can provide basic troubleshooting assistance thereby reducing human effort
Increase Customer Retention
Enhanced quality of customer service translates into better customer retention
24/7 Customer Support
Implementing chatbots helps Telcos optimize manpower and increase bottom-line growth