Grow revenues while you sleep – And not in your dreams

Keep selling and make money while you sleep

In sales, timing is everything. And so is omnipresence. The first could be an acquired skill. The second is humanly impossible. Yet, both are desirable. And both are achievable with Flyfish - a unique autonomous revenue generation platform. You no longer have the excuse of losing a sales opportunity because your team is not available. Or, because a marketing qualified lead is slowly making its way through the chain of commands before it becomes ‘hot.’ That landscape can change for good with Flyfish. Intelligent and engaging, the platform can generate not only qualified leads but also close sales and provide insights into missed opportunities.
Flyfish is no ordinary automated platform with a limited set of options that makes customers supply all their information only to hand them over to a human agent. So, how does one get high-quality leads or even close sales without any human intervention? Let’s take a look at two scenarios to identify the differentiator.

Scenario 1:

Ms. Sally is a busy architect and mother of two in Salt Lake City, Utah. After a long hard day of multi-tasking, while working from home, she finally gets some time to tackle a list of essential items that have been long pending. As car insurance policy renewal tops the list, she starts looking for suitable options. It is after midnight and every insurance company website she visits wants her to share her contact details before leaving. Fortunately, your website and social media channels are integrated with Flyfish. Flyfish’s lead generation bot offers Sally a personalized window-shopping experience with an option to explore any product/service and find all the information she needs to make a purchase. The moment Sally expresses interest, Flyfish’s lead closure bot deftly steers the conversation towards closing the sale. Flyfish converts the lead seamlessly and makes the closure - all without any human intervention. Flyfish can also offer personalized discounts, upsell or cross-sell, facilitate payments, and even track customer orders.

Scenario 2:

The same Ms. Sally. The same situation. She is exhausted at 2:00 a.m., but there is no time like now to browse peacefully. She is actively looking for car insurance policies and lands on a popular insurance company’s website that wants her to fill out a form with her requirement and contact details. The moment she submits the completed form, she receives a message which says that the sales team will get back to her. It will be one whole day before a sales rep calls Sally to start a conversation. By then, she might have already made her purchase. So, valuable time to get the customer hooked and close the deal is lost in this case.

Capture all the moments of truth

With Flyfish, you are in safe hands as it can plug dropouts, prevent revenue leaks, and keep selling round the clock. It can shorten your sales funnel by acting on the moment of intent and achieving closure without any human intervention. From discovery and research to decision and purchase, no matter where a prospect is in the buying journey, Flyfish can offer a rewarding experience throughout.
Personalize each shopper’s journey intelligently and grow your revenue. Make money while you sleep with Flyfish autonomous revenue generation platform.