What is an autonomous revenue generation platform?

An autonomous revenue generation platform is like an online version of a store sales representative, yet a lot more.

Online shopping is no more a fleeting trend. It has become the most significant aspect of the new normal. Recent studies indicate that customers will continue to shop online even when the nearest brick-and-mortar stores reopen. And as they turn to digital and contactless ways of purchasing products and services, businesses will need to reimagine their go-to-market strategies.

Meeting the post-pandemic customer demands means accelerating digital transformation and rethinking how to connect with customers innovatively. Marketers must learn to accelerate their modus operandi and redesign shopper journeys to generate new revenue streams. This is where an autonomous revenue generation platform comes into play.

A virtual sales representative: The key to a new paradigm

An autonomous revenue generation platform is like an online version of a store sales representative (yet a lot more.) A typical sales representative helps customers browse different products, assists in comparison and selection, explains available offers, and simplifies checkout. An autonomous revenue generation platform also enables all this - the only difference is that it offers the same personalized, humane interaction without actual human involvement.

For catering to the demands of today’s ‘always-on’ customer, you need an autonomous revenue generation platform that can serve all kinds of products across all channels. You need a platform that can generate quality leads quickly and convert them by offering a personalized shopping experience, product advice, and irresistible offers anytime, anywhere.

And that is what you can achieve with FlyFish - the world’s first autonomous revenue generation platform. FlyFish bridges the gaps between a potential customer and a new purchase. It enables you to connect with customers in a revolutionary way and engage with them even when you sleep!

  1. Drive sales closure with no human involvement.
  2. Ensure availability on all leading channels of interaction.
  3. Enable round-the-clock interaction with your audience.
  4. Easily integrate into your existing tech stack.

You can increase your brand visibility and outreach by manifolds with one single platform. FlyFish can cover multiple product queries, analyze buying patterns, offer product comparisons and advisory, and make relevant recommendations.

With FlyFish, you can:

  • Reach potential customers on multiple channels and generate high-quality leads.
  • Digitize the entire sales process by converting qualified leads seamlessly.
  • Nurture high growth opportunities and arrest revenue leaks 24*7.

The platform also allows access to shopper journey footprints, tracks missed opportunities, prevents dropouts, accelerates revenue streams, and expands growth. And above all, this autonomous revenue generation platform gets better with experience and acts on data. As a result, its product suggestions are personalized, the marketing approach is localized and targeted, customers experience high lifetime value, and the lead conversion rate is also high.

That means you can generate revenue in this new market paradigm by taking advantage of multi-channel lead generation and engaging with relevant audiences. To top all that, FlyFish single-handedly reduces the tasklist of sales and marketing teams. Ergo, you can invest in fewer resources and save costs while maintaining omnichannel consistency, driving cross-sales, and garnering real-time customer analytics.

Adapt to the new dynamics with a future-ready solution

As ‘shopping from the couch’ becomes the new normal, customers are browsing through channels and purchasing products at different hours – from midnight to early mornings. Apart from the haphazard timings and remote-work schedules, customers are also displaying higher than ever demand for digital and contactless services. While some of these trends are considered immediate crisis management habits, many ‘at-home e-solutions’ to regular offline activities are likely to continue for an extended period.

It is time to innovate the traditional sales processes by delivering a hyper-personalized, seamless, and holistic user experience. An autonomous revenue generation platform can ensure business continuity and growth by reconnecting brands with customers in a completely new and innovative way. A platform like FlyFish can shorten sales cycles, boost revenue generation with round-the-clock effectiveness, and prepare you for the future of business.