Max Life Insurance Company Harnesses Conversational AI to Automate Email-based Customer Support

Max Life Insurance Company has completely automated email-based customer support, leading to 80% reduction in response times

Max Life Insurance Company joined hands with to build an email bot that could not only auto-respond to customer emails but also automatically segment queries based on intents and send it to the right stakeholders within the organization.


  • Processed over 200,000 emails with an accuracy of over 90%
  • Achieved ~98% automation for email support
  • Instantaneously performs auto-segmentation and auto-ticketing of emails
  • Integrated with multiple CRMs and databases

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With the implementation of the email bot, the life insurance company witnessed a significant improvement in average response times. As a result of process automation, the bot understands the user intent and fetches relevant information from the database. This way, agents no longer need to review every email and fetch information, resulting in a 60% bump in overall productivity.

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