Building an Intelligent Assistant for One of India’s Leading Private Sector Banks

RBL Cares, an AI-powered digital assistant, can answer generic queries and is capable of handling financial transactions as well.

RBL Bank, one of the leading private sector banks in India, collaborated with to build a comprehensive Conversational AI-driven solution that is capable of doing everything a human agent can - from handling generic product and service related queries to seamlessly performing complex tasks such as fund transfers.


  • Trained on over 1,500 unique user intents
  • Capable of answering 4000+ questions and their variations
  • Handles over 42 types of transactional queries related to accounts and credit cards
  • Addresses over 500,000 queries every month from about 170,000 users
  • Industry-leading accuracy of over 98.3%
  • Integrated with multiple CRMs and databases

Available on:

Website | Mobile App

Language Support:



Launched in September 2019, the AI-powered digital assistant is being used as first-line customer support for the bank. The idea was to create a “human-like experience” that could facilitate the bank’s front-end teams. The bot also facilitates fund transfers, in addition to allowing users to manage beneficiaries, without having to navigate on the website.

The AI-bot is highly scalable and can tirelessly handle hundreds of thousands of users at the same time, without having to rely on a human agent.

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