Access insights you need anytime, anywhere

With Insights On the Go, put forth your data related queries as naturally as you speak. Receive insights instantly in any format and on a preferred channel.

Accelerate your decision-making

Empowering business leaders and decision makers to effortlessly access data & insights

No more custom reports and dashboards

Have questions? Get your answers instantly through data and insights.

Analytics gets as easy as chatting

Access insights on your preferred touchpoint — Whatsapp, Teams, or Slack.

24x7 monitoring for real-time data

Be the first one to know if there are any changes in your data for timely action.

Enhance Productivity

Improve agility across processes & functions to become a resilient enterprise.

Shrink the time between data discovery
and decision making

Insights On the Go enables you to reduce the time spent accessing the data across all functions,
leading business leaders to make decisions without delay.


Amp up supply chain efficiency

Effortlessly access your inventory levels, logistics data, cash flow and other metrics on your preferred platform instantly to accurately plan and optimize procurement and delivery processes.


Instant insights for revenue growth

Align financial goals to your business objectives with Insights On the Go. Access, monitor and share insights related to capital, stock performance, profitability, assets & liabilities and more.


Measure sales KPIs anytime

Be it monthly sales figures or revenue reports, just ask questions about your sales data and access data and insights in a language and format of your preference across multiple platforms.

Build an Insights-Driven Organization