news/ partners with Razorpay to enable payments through AI Chatbots

With this integrated solution, enterprises can now enable their customers to make payments directly through AI virtual assistants, a leader in Conversational AI technology has joined hands with Razorpay, India’s leading payment solutions provider, to enable payment collection through its AI-powered chatbots. As users get more confident about interacting with chatbots and voice bots, companies are now using them to acquire new customers, keep them engaged, and provide frictionless support across multiple touchpoints.

“The strength of AI has been game-changing, and to power payments by employing AI chatbots will be a pioneering move for the fintech and digital payments space. Razorpay believes that harnessing the power of intelligent payment systems will eliminate any extra steps in the online transaction process, making the payment experience more seamless and efficient for customers. The fintech unicorn is confident that bringing AI into digital payments will make transactions fraud-resilient and much freer from interruptions”, said a Razorpay spokesperson.

Shridhar Marri, CEO & Co-founder of said, “Enterprises have to work towards closing the customer experience gap. They need to craft customer journeys in a way that eliminates friction and encourages conversion. Enabling payments through virtual assistants is another step in the direction of becoming an always-on business and generating revenue round-the-clock from every touchpoint.”

In recent years, AI-powered chatbots and voice bots have emerged as a catalyst for business growth. These bots can provide personalized recommendations, push promotional offers, upsell/cross-sell, and do a lot more, which enables businesses to boost revenue.

Don’t stop at lead generation & qualification

Businesses often use AI-powered virtual assistants to ask qualifying questions, and capture contact details of prospects. This information is then shared with sales development representatives (SDR), who then contact these leads, and try to sell a product or service. Managing a human-intensive sales operation at scale proves to be very expensive when you factor the overhead costs of hiring & training, software licenses, real estate, and others.

Digitizing the buyer journey using AI-powered virtual assistants can not only help cut these costs but also eliminate the inefficiencies of manual processes. Digitizing sales also ensures that you convert immediately, and do not lose revenue. From sharing relevant information and handling objections before the purchase, to facilitating payments and providing after-sales support, AI bots can assist at every step of the customer lifecycle.

Boost your profits with Campaign Bots

The last mile is what customers remember. Personalizing the last mile of the buyer journey can have a profound impact on the customer experience. And this can be done with AI-powered campaign bots. A campaign bot works like a virtual assistant, specific to a marketing campaign. It is like a salesperson, who addresses customer concerns, and enables buyers to make an informed purchase decision. These campaign bots can be used to upsell/cross-sell, push promotional offers, send checkout reminders and even collect payments.

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