news/senseforthai-awarded-us-patent-for-its-conversational-ai-algorithms.jpg Awarded US Patent for its Conversational AI Algorithms

Senseforth’s cutting-edge Conversational AI platform - A.ware currently handles over 150 Million conversations every month with an average accuracy of 96%.

September 24, 2020: Senseforth Inc., a leader in Conversational AI technology announced that it has been granted a US patent for its Conversational AI Platform ‘A.ware’, by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The platform currently fuels over 80 enterprise-grade AI chatbots, voice bots and email virtual assistants for 40+ large organizations across the globe. The patented algorithms have been weaved into the platform to deliver industry leading accuracy.

The Conversational AI platform has pre-built AI models for over 10 industry verticals, connectors for backend systems, and built-in industry-based workflows, which cuts implementation time by half. Besides that, it can be deployed on cloud or premise, based on an organization’s data security requirements. The zero-code platform also boasts superior NLP capabilities and has consistently been featured in the top 10 of the global NLP benchmarking leaderboard, SQuAD 2.0.

Speaking on the occasion, Shridhar Marri, CEO & Co-founder of Senseforth Inc. said, “The idea behind building A.ware was to develop a zero-code environment that abstracts the complexities associated with building intelligent conversational bots. With A.ware, we have achieved that and a lot more. This platform can be effectively used by business users to build bots that are suited for a host of use cases across industries and business functions.”

The patent protects Senseforth’s intellectual property in relation to a system of automatic resolution of user queries by a query resolution system, which receives user input from various sources (web, mobile, voice assistants, IMs, phone) in natural language. The unique way in which these queries are processed by A.ware by determining user intent, results in higher accuracy rate of the bots.

In addition to addressing user queries, the platform is enabling large organizations such as Prudential Financial, HDFC Bank, RBL Bank, SBI Card, Airtel, Max Life Insurance, NHS 111 Wales, Sony, PwC, Nestle, Mediclinic, and others to meet their customer acquisition and engagement goals.

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