Redefining HR with AI-powered Chatbot

An HR chatbot can automate regular tasks that are taken care of by the HR team, thereby enhancing their efficiency. Studies show that intelligent assistants can improve the productivity of HR professionals by up to 45%.

Members of the human resources team say that 50% of their time is spent in addressing repetitive employee queries regarding business policies.
Automating Employee Engagement to Improve Retention
An AI-powered HR chatbot can handle various aspects of employee engagement, leading to better employee satisfaction.
An employee engagement chatbot can help organizations stay connected with their employees better. Bots can help keep employees updated about the recent developments within the organization, capture feedback and also handle various aspects pertaining to an employee’s lifecycle.
Company Updates
Company Updates
Company Updates
Employee Feedback
Grievance Handling
Message from Leadership
Employee Training
Achievements & Recognition
Exit Formalities
Employee Onboarding
Employee Onboarding
Leave Management
Expenses - Reimbursement
Policy-related Information
Payroll-related Information
Benefit Enrollment
Resource Utilization
Internal Job Postings
Employee Onboarding
Streamlining HR Support with Digital Assistants
An HR chatbot addresses a wide array of employee queries and takes a huge load off HR’s backs.
HR professionals spend a considerable amount of time onboarding new employees and addressing policy-related inquiries. Our AI chatbot can identify and address regular employee queries, thus reducing the time taken and boosting overall productivity.
Helping Recruiters Seamlessly Connect with Candidates
An HR chatbot enables organizations to bridge the communication gap between a recruiter and a candidate.
Using an HR chatbot for recruitment can not only help optimize hiring costs but also decrease the time to hire. AI bots can automate multiple stages of the recruitment cycle, such as profile submission, assessment tests and documentation.
Resume/CV Submission
Resume/CV Submission
Resume/CV Submission
Candidate Assessment Test
Application Tracking
Document Submission
Employer Branding
Candidate Feedback Capture