Announcements and News Releases

Bots in demand as Covid-19 hits the workplace
March 30, 2020: Brands are turning to Conversational AI to scale customer support and reduce costs. Customer support call centres are an… Breaks into Top-6 of the Global Machine Reading Performance Leaderboard
February 4, 2020: scored 90.830, beating the human performance level of 89.452., a leader in the Conversational…
AI Startup Selected for OceanPro, Maersk’s Startup Accelerator
January 28, 2020: is building an AI-powered virtual customer support solution., a leader in Conversational AI…
Nestle India in partnership with brings AI powered nutrition assistant NINA
July 26, 2019: NINA makes meal plan recommendations based on a person’s food preferences. Nestle India, in collaboration with Senseforth, a… Wins "AI Product of the Year" Award at India ICT Awards 2018
June 22, 2019: Several marquee brands trust Senseforth for its high accuracy and engaging UX. Senseforth has won the ‘Artificial…